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Business-Industrial Enterprise  Probus specializes in production of vehicle parts, designing and making of elements of metal contractions. 

Our most important goal is to provide our customers with full satisfaction trough production of high quality goods, compatible with accepted conditions. We have introduced quality management system PN –ISO 9001 to meet expectations of our customers.

 In all areas of our company’s activities( marketing, designing, supply, production, controlling, researching and supplying  of products to the customer) we  aspire to avoid any discordances. While appearing any discordances we immediately take up corrective and preventive activities. We achieve our objectives and declaration of Quality Policy trough:

  • Using and improving of quality managing system PN- ISO 9001.
  • Monitoring of quality aims for processes in Business- Industrial Enterprise Probus. 
  • Team solving of own and customer’s problems.
  • Causes analysis of appearing any discordances in order to improve methods of proceeding and raise of quality.
  • Cooperation with suppliers and common aspiring to fulfill demands of our customers.
  • Supervision over proper functioning and improvement of quality system leads representative called by special disposition. 

Business- Industrial Enterprise Probus is enrolled into data base D&B under number D-U-N-S ®: 368135666

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