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PPH PROBUS operates on the Polish market since 1984, manufacturing components to mechanical vehicles, metal devices in manufacture technology lines and to building flitting.Manufactured products are contracted in cooperation orders or partnership contracts with manufacturers of final devices based on delivered technology documentation. Our technology department takes the part in adaptation of received technology documentation and design a special technology tools and devices for this manufacture.

The manufactured by PPH PROBUS products fulfil all technical requirements of our clients, and also a specific requirements of Polish and international standards.The superior aim of our company is to manufacture on the highest and repeating technology level, not differing from domestic and European standards.

The company is located in Chorzelów ( nearly Mielec city ) on the area of 7500 square maters. The area on which are located all building has 1200 sq.m.We employ 40 workers, who have very good qualification and have good experience which is required in a manufacture.

The company has a office, manufacture shops and warehouse. In these manufacture shops are installed manufacture machines and technology devices and also measure control instruments.

Our engine park:

  • press brake
  • power press
  • press
  • welders
  • turning lathes
  • milling machines

For assurance of high manufacture lever Probus cooperates only with these material suppliers and subcontractors, which can fulfil a high quality level. We guarantee to our clients our products and services on the high technical level and delivery of product just in time. If our clients wish we also offer the technical service for manufactured our products.

PROBUS realized a strategy of steady technology development and therefore we keep a steady contracts with our partners and also are looking for next partners. We try to improve and develop our manufacture technology and organization. We also invest in new technology machines and measure control devices. In our company has been implemented the quality ISO 9001: 2008 system, which regards of all areas of our action.

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